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The words of the founder

The Music Academy Prague is a modern type of music school that offers a high quality teaching of music. Studies at our academy are built on the standards of British and Irish music schools. Your age, nationality and level make no difference. Lessons at our school are completely individual and will be fully adjusted to your needs. Music is all around us, so enjoy it to the full and with the best.
For me personally, music is very important in life, because I come from a musical family and I am actively involved in music as well. Music carries enormous spiritual value which brings relaxation, joy and inspiration to people. In our lives, music belongs to the most brilliant philosophy which is interpreted by our soul.

We look forward to seeing you on our courses and we are prepared to teach you the best.


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Alexandr Smutny


Philosophy of Music Academy Prague

At the Music Academy Prague, we always try to introduce music the way it deserves to be. Teaching is built on the highest quality. The teaching respects student’s individuality and his/her potential with the aim to use the potential as well as it can be. Our Students can get a unique experience under the leadership of top musicians. They can play with them and learn the quickest way to master their musical instrument at the same time. The indisputable advantage of learning to play musical instruments is the contribution to human physical and mental health. Come for the healthy and unique experience.


Organisation of the tuition

Music Academy Prague operates independently from the academic year. Learning can begin at any time. In the online schedule for each instrument you choose the free term in the weekly schedule and the length of the course and then you just come and play.

Twice a year the MAPE testing term will be scheduled. Students can sign up for the test to get from Prague Music Academy confirmation of their artistic level.

We recommend that students come to lessons with a 5-10 minute advance so that they fully utilize their lesson from the first minute.
They can spend time before lessons in a comfortable environment of the entrance premises and the reception.

Before the first lesson it is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier because of the administration reasons (see registration).

We wish you pleasant tuition.






Classrooms in the centre of Prague


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