Flute course

The Flute course

The Flute is a woodwind instrument. It is traditionally represented in all symphonic and brass orchestras. It has a great use in chamber music as well as in jazz. Therefore it is a universal tool. Composers such as J. S. Bach, G. P. Telemann or A. Vivaldi composed for the flute in the past. From the Czech performers, Jiří Stivín belonged to the most famous ones. Enjoy the elegance and tenderness of this instrument at our course.

The Flute courses at our academy are lead by excellent teachers who are also active musicians. They will be at hand and will give you a completely individual approach. Classes will match your learning abilities and goals. During the course each teacher will be able to prepare you for Music Academy Prague exams, whose individual levels you will be able to take twice a year.

Syllabus of MAP exams - flute (PDF)

List of available courses and a price list (PDF)

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Jana Vildová

Jana Vildova


She has been member of the West bohemian symphonical orchestra, the Orchestra of FL, the Chamber symphony orchestra Smíchov, bigband Jazz Big Gang and she has used her solo ambitions in Duo La Notte.

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How to register

From the timetable choose a calendar day, time, and the teacher for your regular lesson. In the following simple form select the date when your course starts and the course type according to the price list. Fill out the remaining data and submit the form. Then you only need to wait for the confirmation email and come to the first lesson. Your lessons will take place every week in the time your chose. The number of lessons is determined by the type of course.


At your first lesson you will pay cash deposit of 20% of the course. For the remaining amount you will receive an invoice payable within 14 days. It is also possible to pay the full amount in cash.
At the first lesson you will be presented a standard contract for signing, the draft of which you will receive by e-mail in advance (for minors the presence of legal representative is necessary).

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