Music production and musical programm for events and concerts

In cooperation with our teachers, students and professional musical colleagues we have a rich display of musical programmes, bands, creative teching activities, musical activities for teambuildings, childrens music corners and other events. All focused on Czech music and with all teachers and musicians also in english. 

If you need just a beautifull classical piano set for your event, or jazz piano to background of your event - we can do that. If you need a band, jazz band, string orchestra, saloon orchestra playing classical music or some other original band - we have it. We are flexible, we can also arrange songs you need and provide you proved technical services in accord with needs of our bands and musicians. We also have musical instruments - so no worries about it in Prague or any other place in Czech republic. 

We are experienced with creating incommon musical events and teambuilding progammes. We did it for example for company Tupperware in theis event in Prague. It was so nice event - all participants learned in groups with our teachers to sing an official anthem of the EU. There was a lot of fun. Than all groups recorded their performance in mobile recording studio (we prepare it in place of event) that song with string ansemble and finally they recorded it together. After event all of the participants got a original CD with their performace and unique booklet. We like those things and we can do it for you too. 

Just pick a programm you need and write us about details or if you need and specific informations do not hesitate to contact us here:


Infinity - professional voice band

Infinity - pěvecká skupina

Unique Quartet - string quartet

Unique Quartet - smyčcové kvarteto





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