About us

The Music Academy Prague music school is based on the musical tradition of the Smutny family, which dates back to 1962.  It operates on the principle of British and Irish music schools. The school’s main mission is to allow anyone to learn music and enjoy its beauty and positive effects on each of us and the society at large.  All that under the leadership of top-level teachers and figures. We strive to awaken in everyone their natural relationship to music, whether it results in a professional career or the pure joy of music. At our school, you will study with the best professionals, be received with understanding, and you will know exactly where to start.  Music develops patience, attentiveness, the ability to perform in front of others, self-confidence, concentration, and systematic work. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes.

Anyone can study music at Music Academy Prague.  Come consult with us and we will tell you how you can take advantage of flexible lesson planning, how instruction will be adapted to you, and help you get or choose an instrument and find an ideal teacher.  Everyone is welcome: children, adults, as well as seniors. Anyone can play. Classes are offered throughout the year, including during summer break and on holidays – all depends on your arrangement with your teacher.  Upon arrangement, you can also be taught at your home or in premises used by some of our teachers.Everyone is also an active player and they will definitely play or sing with you during your classes.

Hello, I am Anna and I can help you with your choice.

If you don't know which plan to choose you can contact me by email or phone.